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Green Job Training
Course Lead Awareness Training Crane Rigging Safety & Qualified Crane Signal Training Asbestos Awareness Training
Dates 12/16/13 & 1/13/14 1/30/14 & 1/31/14 3/3/14
Instructor MRBS Inc. Partner MRBS Inc. Partner MRBS Inc. Partner
Location TBD TBD TBD
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Fully Comprehensive Home Performance Specialist
"We Are Rebuilding Communities One Student, and One House at a Time"
Whether an individual, company or organization is in need of construction, energy efficiency or safety  related trainings MRBS Inc. can help. Offering an array of trainings. A properly trained employee is more productive. Materials waste is cut down, job related injuries are reduced which all means more money saved, every $1 spent on training can save an average of $4 to $6 in head aches and LOSS!
New  EPA  Lead Rule effective April 22, 2010 for  anyone performing work on houses built before 1978.  Labor Law currently requires all employees on public works projects $250,000.00 or more to have minimum 10Hr. OSHA Safety .
MRBS Inc. offers multiple classroom / field training courses for the entry level laborer to the seasoned vet who knows your never to old to learn how to do it right. All courses require a strong commitment on your part. Our commitment is not to, train just to train, but to sustain!  What we can not do is train you to work hard! Only the serious need apply!!
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